What is Medical Intuition?

So, what is Medical Intuition? Medical Intuition is an “open” medical system. An open medical system is where the human body is viewed as continually receiving energy and life from outside itself. A view that goes beyond the one of most medical systems.  Medical intuition sees the whole person.

Medical Intuition views that all healing is done as a function of spirit.

The form this healing comes in does not matter, whether a vaccine, antibiotic, medication, acupuncture, homeopathic or a specific body-mind practice from a spiritual tradition.

In Christopher’s medical intuitive practice, he seeks to harmonize the body and open the spirit. Medical Intuition addresses the various diseases and health problems of the body as well as those wounds of feelings and spirit. This creates a greater, more holistic healing.

When you have a medical intuitive consultation you will gain greater insights into the energetic imbalances contributing to depleted well-being or illness. The experience will lead to increased options for transforming these imbalances into health and wellness.  The medical intuitive consultation will provide an intuitive roadmap for your health and wellbeing.

With these medical intuitive insights shedding light upon your current path in life, new horizons will open for you, old patterns will be released and provide a focus for your energy and healing process.

If you would like insight into issues you are experiencing, contact me to schedule a session.

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