What clients have to say…

“During my medical intuitive consultation, Christopher picked up uterine fibroids, and some breast lumps. Zen Rocks

I followed Christopher’s recommendations and after 60 days the lumps disappeared along with my fibroids shrinking. So surgery was not needed.

Christopher has a very special way of making people feel important when he speaks with them. He really cares.”

~   R.W. Washington

Working with Christopher opened a new level of awareness for me.  It was at a time when I was searching for a new direction in my life.  His insight and openheartedness is genuine and I could feel the compassion radiating from his energy.

The information delivered was valuable and extremely accurate.  I have worked with him in the Clairvoyant Process and I know that the consistency has made a huge difference in my life.”

J. ~ Maine

Dear Christopher,
Thank you so much for the tremendous help you have been in bringing my son back to a place of balance after he was prescribed a drug which disturbed his brain chemistry. The quick response to the recommendations that you made in his case, have brought our family peace of mind for the holiday season.  We had been in a state of turmoil since July, not knowing when he would find relief from the misdiagnosis.  Your in-depth knowledge of the workings of the brain are remarkable.  Thank you for helping our son return to his sunny disposition once again!
D.  ~ Maine

Medical Intuition Zen Rocks “This is an exceptional man who is only surpassed by his ability to gently reach into the core of your soul.
During our ongoing work together, Christopher’s profound insight, caring and laser-sharp accuracy, provided me with an in-depth understanding of the dynamics surrounding an extremely painful and debilitating 10 year relationship.
His guidance and wisdom gave me the opportunity to be healed at the deepest levels of my being.”

R.  ~ Texas

Christopher Stewart is an incredibly clear, accurate, and compassionate clairvoyant. He is also an exceptional healer and skillful teacher.
I’m deeply grateful for the many times he has helped me cope with physical problems, emotional struggles, and spiritual challenges.
His many years of study, his intuitive gifts, and his ability to articulate a higher perspective make him an extremely perceptive guide and a healer’s healer.”
S.   ~ California

“Christopher Stewart’s medical intuitive approach to health challenges was highly effective. His information has personally benefited me, my wife and many of our friends”

~S.C., New York


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