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Every successful person has had one or more mentors throughout their life.Medical Intuitive Training

Mentors share their knowledge, experience and insights, so formidable learning and deepening comes faster with a mentor who sees and senses more deeply to guide the process.

We’ve all spent hours trying to figure out a problem when it comes to our computer. You know how amazing it is when someone comes along and shows you how to fix it in a matter of minutes. Think about how that would feel on a much larger scale… with larger objectives, like your life path or your healing work, or your business. The impact of that guidance would be life changing.

Having a skilled intuitive and perceptive person stay attentive to you for a period of time will give you a whole new sense of who you are.

Intuitive mentoring goes far beyond executive or life coaching with added dimensions and subtlety. You will learn to open, sense, develop and read your energies for their hidden messages.

In the intuitive mentor process, you’ll be actively engaged in conversation and various exercises to find intuitive insights. You have your own progress and make your own decisions. Christopher will attune to your issues and current process, then look intuitively at what you are trying to accomplish. He will keep you on a safe and high-frequency path while recommending specific practices and homework each week. Much laughter and learning go hand in hand as you open deeply to your own intuitive self.


LISTENING to you without judgment
QUESTIONING you for clarification
CHALLENGING you for results

Do you want to make significant, life-altering changes, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Perhaps you want to:
• Hone your intuition or healing ability?
• Start a new business or expand an existing business?
• Improve your relationships?

Intuitive Mentoring is you working at your own pace along with a lot of nudging from Christopher and input from your Guides. Christopher has worked with many individuals in a mentoring role.

Some of the areas Christopher has worked with clients are:

  • Intuitive development, both personal and with business –he has worked with technology firms, management consultancies, medical and therapeutic practitioners.
  • How to develop and use your intuitive senses for financial trading and investments
  • Understanding and caring for an intuitive child       
  • Music and writing
  • Medical Intuition and Healing Training and Development
  • Relationships
  • Fertility – How can I become pregnant and have a healthy baby?
  • Intuitive, transpersonal and healing practice development

You Begin with 6 sessions:

Intuitive DevelopmentYou work with Christopher for 6 sessions of 60 minutes each, which can be spaced over a 6-12 week period. You can decide that together. If you want to keep going for another 6 sessions, that’s fine. You pay for the 6 sessions of time in advance.  If you would like to explore this program in more detail, please arrange a single individual mentoring session.  If you decide within 30 days to continue, the session fee will be applied to your mentoring program.

All information is confidential. Sessions are conducted by phone only and all sessions are recorded and the Mp3 is emailed to you. Other materials may also be provided.

Tax Deductible:
If you are a practitioner, your intuitive mentoring sessions are tax deductible as a business expense. Christopher will gladly provide an invoice and/or receipt for you if you request one.

Are you ready to get more insight into your life?

Let’s get started!

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