Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you charge for your private sessions?

Medical Intuitive Assessment Consultation (60 minutes):  $ 200.00

Are there a minimum number of sessions?

There is no minimum number of sessions. Many of my clients only have a single session every 6 months or so. Others may arrange for a series of sessions at a group rate.

How do I set up an appointment?

Please CLICK HERE for more details before contacting Christopher at or call 510-868-4399 to schedule an appointment.

Is the session recorded?

Yes, the session is recorded for your use. You may choose to have an mp3 file sent to you via email, or if you prefer, a CD can be mailed to you. The recording is included in the price of the session.

Where do you do readings?

Currently all readings are done over the phone. Phone readings are as accurate as in person sessions.

Do you sometimes work in conjunction with traditional Western Medicine?

It may surprise you to know that I work with any pre-existing medical treatments and protocols with my clients. A session enhances and optimizes any ongoing treatment you may be having. Traditional medicine and intuitive healing, along with other protocols, work very well together. In the 21st century we have made and we will continue to make so many amazing discoveries about the human body! Additionally I have a number of clients who are physicians and other medical professionals.

So instead of a doctor, can I use Medical Intuition?

Medical intuition isn’t an “either/or” proposition. The human body is a vast network of energies, where emotions, spirit, power and matter intersect and weave together. Medical intuition sessions will help you harness this amazing network of energies and will enable you to go beyond conventional medicine. Still too often, conventional medicine is limited, by which I mean still treating the problems in the body as separate issues disconnected from the entire body. Medical intuitive sessions assist clients to heal the mind, body and spirit in a unified, holistic way, especially when other treatments are unsuccessful or blocked. The results are often profound. To be clear: medical intuition isn’t a replacement for medical care. It is a committed partner, a helper; it gives you an informed and empowered context for your healing process. Many gifted doctors and medical workers are medical intuitives in their own practices, whether they use the term medical intuitive or not.

Are you an M.D.?

No, I am not a physician. However I do work in conjunction with many doctors and other medical and healing practitioners. As a medical intuitive, I look at the whole person scanning for the origins of health and medical concerns. I seek the origins of a disease or illness whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. From there we can see how make the changes you need in your life to heal.

What kind of training have you had that qualifies you to be a Medical Intuitive?

My intuitive abilities first manifested during my childhood. Since I was a teenager I have studied and learned from many teachers and traditions. The psychic healer Olga Worrell was my first teacher, and I have studied with and learned from Rosalyn Bruyere, Brugh Joy, Barbara Brennan, Caroline Myss, Stanislav Grof, Marcel Vogel John E. Mack M.D. and many others. For more information go to this page –

What other studies and trainings have you had that relates to your medical intuitive practice?

I hold a M.S. degree as well as advanced training in biochemistry and virology. Additionally I have extensive studies in Tibetan Medicine and Jungian Psychology

Does healing take place during a session?

Yes there is a healing energy component to my sessions that carries on after the session. All sessions are focused to heal, and the medical intuitive information empowers this intention.

What do you need to know before my reading?

I do not need to know any information about your health medical concerns before your session. During your session I will ask about the areas of concern you have, so that we may focus the time and energies upon them. You may feel warmth as your body is being scanned.   During your session any recommendations that are made will be documented for you


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