Alternative medicine – Why do people choose it?

Alternative medicine – Why do people choose it?

 Each year, increasing numbers of people are choosing to heal their minds and bodies with alternative medicine treatments. Seeking to employ the use of natural ingredients, healthy diets and healing spiritual practices instead of pharmaceuticals and other conventional procedures, those who choose alternative medicine do so for a myriad of different reasons.

What is alternative medicine?
Alternative medicine is an umbrella term that is used to refer to myriad different methods of healing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the body that are an alternative to the options provided by conventional doctors and therapists. Alternative medicine may include (but is not limited to): acupuncture; herbal supplements; bodywork therapy; energy healing; Reiki; aromatherapy; homeopathy; and reflexology. Mainstream trends such as eating a vegetarian diet, practicing yoga, and taking a Pilates class can all be considered alternative medicine!


What is Complimentary Medicine?


Any of the above listed treatments can also be referred to as complimentary medicine in the event that they are used alongside conventional medical treatments. A good example of this would be a patient suffering from severe eczema who applies doctor prescribed cortisone cream in addition to seeking the help of a nutritionist and taking homeopathic remedies. The term ‘alternative medicine’ is usually only applied when the treatment is used as a substitute for conventional therapies.


Why do people choose Alternative or Complimentary medicine?


There are many personal, spiritual and medical reasons why individuals choose alternative and complimentary treatments over the traditional, conventional approach.


  1. They have had negative experiences in the past with conventional medicine

Patients may grow weary of medications and treatments that leave them with crippling side effects, and prefer the idea of trying something less invasive and more natural.

  1. They are wary of chemicals and toxins

A desire to stay away from the chemicals and toxins found in many mainstream medical prescriptions and procedures can motivate many to head toward an alternative outlook on health.

  1. Spiritual or religious reasons

Many spiritual practices discourage certain types of medical intervention. A person may choose an alternative treatment path in order to follow their own personal beliefs.

  1. They prefer a holistic approach

Many alternative medicine practitioners believe in a holistic way of looking at their patient; treating the entire body as one organism instead of attacking disease and sickness in only one part of the body.


  1. They want to focus on prevention

Many alternative and complimentary medicine fields put a great deal of emphasis on preventative measures an individual can take in order to maintain a high level of overall health. They work to prevent illness and disease instead of treating it once it has begun.


As you can see, there are many different reasons that people choose to follow an alternative medicine plan, and countless ways for that plan to manifest. Book a consultation to decide what personalized treatments are best for you.

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