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You can embark on a journey of healing that unifies your body, mind, and spirit. Encounter relief and insight into healing the causes, not just the conditions.

I’m Christopher Stewart. As a medical intuitive, I work with you in a way that is deeply enriching. Even if it seems like you’ve tried everything to find relief or new answers to your challenges, something more profound and effective awaits you.

Medical Intuition is the alternative medicine and energy healing partner that you have been searching for.

Physical health is a smaller part of wellbeing than conventional medicine would have you believe. Alternative and complimentary medicine knows that emotional and mental wellbeing are equally important.

Medical intuition isn’t a replacement for medical care. It is a healing guide that is here to help you.

Life-threatening illnesses and chronic aches and pains respond positively to medical intuition. Whether it is treating cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, allergies, Lyme’s Disease, migraines, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Bi-Polar conditions, depression, anxiety, trauma, and women’s health, the results are often profound.

“I contacted Christopher after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With his caring and expert insights, I was able to heal the cancer without losing my breasts and have been cancer free ever since. “~ W., Florida

I have been bringing deep insights, knowledge, caring warmth, and humor to my private readings for over 25 years.

Clients and friends around the world know me as a master intuitive, and I have appeared on radio talk shows, magazines and television. As a professional healing consultant, teacher, and gifted intuitive in the alternative medicine world, I have a growing following of clients from all walks of life.

“I was hesitant at first to work with Christopher. I questioned working with a man. Given my physical issues, I had preferred to work only with female practitioners, but I’m SO glad I listened to my intuition! Working with Christopher has made a huge impact on my health and my overall life. He has helped me in so many areas, including my relationship. I can’t say enough about him as a practitioner.” ~ J., New England

My abilities reach far beyond the medical realm. The results are often profound.

“I was raised by my aunt and when she was in a nursing facility with Alzheimer’s, a friend told me about Christopher’s work. I contacted him and we worked together with her. Amazingly, within  3 months she was lucid and able to go home. She lived some very happy years after that.” ~ K., South Carolina

My work is highly individual and I treat every client as a special and unique being. I don’t just work that way — I AM that way. I keep a constant focus on empowering you and your ability to fully participate in your healing process.

A majority of my work is done by phone. This works very well because we are all connected to one another. Working by phone has allowed me to work with clients across the USA, in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. Since the most difficult part of anything new is that first step, give me a call at 510-868-4399, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time. We’ll know whether we should work together within minutes of talking.

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